Are converse made in sweatshops?

Cristobal O'Reilly asked a question: Are converse made in sweatshops?
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👠 Are skechers made in sweatshops?

yes they are

👠 Are dc shoes made in sweatshops?

no, they are not, they are made by black people in africa

👠 How are converse made?

The factory in Malden, Mass. uses rubber and cloth to make the shoe... but I don't know all the steps to the making. they are allso 27% rubber and 72% outher stuff like cottin and meddle

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Converse is owned by Nike, so yes.

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What are converse eyelets made out of?

I believe they are made out of lead because mine are turning my shoe laces black.

When was the first converse shoe made?
  • Converse shoes are a top and popular model of shoes that is used by people living in various countries. The first ever converse shoes were made in 1908. Since 1917, more than 550 million shoe pairs were produced. In mid 1990’s, the approximate sale of converse hoes was 20,000 per day.
What was marquis mills converse life like before he made the converse shoes?

Marquis Mills Converse worked for Beacon Falls Rubber Shoe store before he founded the Converse Rubber shoe company, if that is what you mean? hope it helps!

Who made converse shoes and what is it made out of?

chuck converse and it was rubber at the bottom leather around the shoe and the lases were just normal cottonMarquis M. Converse

What is the shoe converse made out of?

mostly canvas, but sometimes leather

When was converse first made in the usa?
  • They were made in the United States until Converse declared bankruptcy in 2001. In 2003, Nike purchased the brand and now manufactures the shoes. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoe was first made in 1917. By 1960 it held an 80 percent share of the U.S. sneaker market.
Who made the first pair of converse sneakers?

Many people think that chuck Taylor invented converse. well he didnt. he prefected and sold converse. marquis m. converse is the true maker of converse. In 1908 Marquis M. Converse opened Converse Rubber Shoe Company. he started making the shoe. 1921 Charles H. Taylor ("Chuck") hires as a salesman and endorser. you can go to to see one of the first pair of converse. -thank you for your time -RaInBoWs!!! :D

Which converse all stars models are made of leather?

The Convers All Stars model which is made our of leather is the Chuck Taylor All Star shoe. When the shoes first came out they were only made out of canvas. In the 1970s materials such as leather, suede, vinyl and hemp were being used.

What made marquis m converse start his brand or shoe?

Marquis M. Converse came up with the idea for Converse when he was wearing shoes that had no rubber sole and he slipped down some stairs. He came up with the idea of rubber soled shoes so people would have grip and that is when the Converse Rubber Shoe Company started in 1908.

Which converse trainers models are made fully out of leather?

In 1986 Converse released a basketball shoe called the Weapon. The unique feature of these shoes is that the entire shoe is made of leather. This includes even the sole of the shoe.

Did marquis mills converse invent converse?

from the book - Products and Advertising in the Massachusetts Industrial Age - by Chaim M. Rosenberg Vulcanized rubber found many commercial uses, not least in the footwear industry. In 1853, Elisha Slade Converse and his older brother James formed the Boston Rubber Shoe Company in the village of Malden, a few miles north of Boston. The company made rubber shoes and rubber overshoes for the winter slush. It grew to 3,500 workers and became the largest employer in the town. In 1882, Elisha Converse was elected the first mayor of Malden. His generosity to the town is seen in the First Baptist Church and the Converse Public Library, which he funded. In 1908, Malden became the home of a second rubber shoe company. It was founded by Marquis Mills, who took his mother's last name, Converse, and called his company the Converse Rubber Shoe Company, no doubt to capitalize on the famous name. Converse Rubber Shoe grew with the expanding interest in sports. The Converse Rubber line of sports shoes included the Chuck Taylor All Star basketball sneaker. Both the Boston Rubber Shoe and the Converse Rubber Shoe companies were later bought out by larger firms, and the shoemaking finally left Malden in the 1930s.

Does louis vuitton use sweatshops to produce his purses?

Sweatshops could be used to produce Louis Vutton products if they are produced in third-world countries.

Are one star converse from target real converse?

The shoes at Target are not knock offs. They have the registered mark of Converse (the little 'R' in the circle after the name). If Target was selling fake Converse with an improper use of the registered mark, there would be a serious lawsuit. So, yes, they are real Converse - they're just a cheaper version of the same shoe, still made by Converse.

How did marquis m converse create converse shoes?

Actually, Marquis did create converse, though he and Charles Taylor collaborated to create a shoe specifically for basketball -which at the time had no shoes tailored to it-.

How do i return my converse to converse?
  • Converse will cover the return shipping cost. Place your item (s) in their shipping box. Attach the return label (which can be found inside the original packaging) to the outside of the box. Drop the box at any UPS location. Enjoy $10 2-day shipping on your order for a limited time at converse. No coupon or promo code needed.
Are converse awsome?

Converse are a brand of shoe that has been around for many decades. If the shoe was not thought of as awesome, then it would not have lasted this long.

Are converse comfortable?

They would only be uncomfortable if you picked the wrong shoe size. Otherwise you should be fine. :-)

Are converse unisex?
  • They're unisex but they tend to be narrower than other shoes made for men (obviously to accomodate narrower feet), but they fit me UK7.5-UK8 feet fine as my feet are narrow anyway. They're the only shoe maker where sizes are consistent in all shoes (unlike Nike who can vary wildly).
What is converse?

a shoe that has all star on the toung

Who are converse?

Converse is talking or communicating with others. the other converse is a type of she brand called, CHUCK TAYLORS!

Who launched converse?

chanel "west coast" launched the shoe brand converse

Who wear converse?

I wear converse so do Billie Joe Armstrong and Johnny Knoxville ... They are awesome!

What company did marquis mills converse work at before converse?

Marquis Mills Converse worked for Beacon Falls Rubber Shoe store before he founded the Converse Rubber shoe company