Are shoe and skeptic married?

Estell Carroll asked a question: Are shoe and skeptic married?
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However, then YouTuber Thunderf00t shared her video, gaining her a lot of popularity. On New Year's Eve of 2017, her boyfriend Fluhrer proposed to her. Later in 2020, June announced on twitter that she and Armoured Skeptic had decided to end their relationship and remain simply friends.


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👠 Are skeptic and shoe together?

  • Armoured Skeptic was formerly in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Shoe0nHead. The couple became engaged in 2017, but broke up in 2020. Armoured Skeptic has made dozens of videos on Joshua Feuerstein, an evangelical christian known for his outspoken beliefs and paranoid statements.

👠 Are shoe and skeptic still together?

Later in 2020, June announced on twitter that she and Armoured Skeptic had decided to end their relationship and remain simply friends.

👠 Is it true that skeptic and shoe are still friends?

  • At least shoe & skeptic are still friends. in my book, that doesn't even count as a breakup aaaah, I do need to find love. <3 This broke my heart to hear, and I had only seen Shoe's casual comment bout it on a live stream, so it was really confusing for me.

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