Do you have suggestions for newlywed shoe game questions?

Reanna Kilback asked a question: Do you have suggestions for newlywed shoe game questions?
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  • I’ve heard of occasions where the guests have been asked to provide suggestions for the questions themselves, which is a cute idea – make sure someone is in charge of gathering the suggestions together and filtering through them for the best ones (and getting rid of the inappropriate ones!).


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❔ What are the questions for the shoe game?

  • “Who will be doing most of the cooking?” "Who said 'I love you' first?"). After each question, hold up the shoe of the person you think is the best answer to the question. Rebekah describes how to game played out at her wedding: “My sister, Rachel, read the questions at our wedding. She asked, 'Who is the better driver?'

❔ How are the questions chosen for the shoe game?

  • The questions should be compiled beforehand, perhaps by the bridal party, or early on, each guest can submit a question and the best ones are chosen for the wedding game. The questions should be funny and light-hearted, not serious or offensive.

❔ Do skechers have shoe laces?

Our shoes fit any standard laces you can find at your local merchants, such as sporting goods or retail stores, that carry shoe accessories. You can also try your nearest SKECHERS store as we may have extras available.

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coz there a trolololololol suck me stewie hamilton

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cristian Jose martinez(faget) Not Richard Hernandez

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no but it is harder to skate with some shoes such as shoes with no grip ~awestling96~

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no he doesn't. he wears a lot of skateboarding shoes......even though he doesn't skate

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Yes I have provided a link below.

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Stores. Shoe Palace has more than 160 retail locations.

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