Do you have to wear shoes to plow gravel?

Rodrick Jacobi asked a question: Do you have to wear shoes to plow gravel?
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  • I have found on most gravel drives and gravel parking lots, shoes are a must have. In my part of the country the freeze thaw cycle is going on all winter long. Some times when it snows the ground is not frozen, so the blade ends up digging in and plowing the gravel off the drives or the lots.


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👠 Do you use shoes when plowing gravel?

  • I'm sure that when plowing gravel, they are necessary. my plow at home does nothing but dirt roads, and I never use shoes. our plows at work do nothing but pavement and concrete. sometimes we use them, sometimes we don't.

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Snowplow Shoes – Plow shoes are attached to the bottom of the snowplow blade. They help raise the blade up slightly to prevent a bulldozing effect and instead to float over soft surfaces such as gravel, dirt or grass… The wings add additional plowing width thus, cutting down on the time to clear a lot.

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What happens to your shoes when you plow on frozen ground?
  • If the surface is frozen the edge doesn't cut into it anyhow. Particularly with Sno-Way which is a light plow. If it's thawed I always found the shoes just settled down into the mush and didn't do anything anyhow.
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When should snow plow shoes be used?

1. �Snowplow shoes are perfect when plowing gravel driveways. When adjusted to the appropriate height the plow shoes will prevent your cutting edge from digging into the gravel driveway, which will make you lose your snow and bounce you around in the truck a little.