How do you remove yellow oxidation from shoes?

Else Mayer asked a question: How do you remove yellow oxidation from shoes?
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How to deoxidize jordan soles (yellow clearing) | xchasemaccini

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To clean the yellowish stains you need to: You can either make a paste of hydrogen peroxide with water or use bleach that is mixed in water. Then, use a toothbrush or cloth to rub the bleach or hydrogen peroxide on the yellow shoe. Since bleach is a strong cleaning agent use gloves and even wear a mask.


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  • Use a painting brush and put the volume 40 developer on the yellow soles carefully. After applying the developer, wrap your jordans in plastic wrap and put them in sunlight for 2–3 hours. Job is done. The soles of my white Nike AF1 shoes became yellow.

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How to unyellow & restore yellowed shoe soles at home! (best way!)

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