How long do i let shoe polish dry?

Gaetano Lockman asked a question: How long do i let shoe polish dry?
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Crazy parade shoe shine!!! only polish!!

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If, after applying the first thin layer of polish, you feel that the shoe needs more, go ahead and put on a second thin layer. Then, allow the polish to dry by setting the shoes aside for 10-20 minutes.

  • Each shoe will require about 15 to 20 minutes drying time. If you feel like your shoes require another layer of polish, apply this second layer using the same technique as above. Remember to use the minimum amount of polish necessary to cover the shoe. It is better to build-up multiple light layers than apply a single thick layer.

Make sure you get down in the seams of the shoe and attempt to cover evenly with polish. Allow 15 minutes for the polish to dry.


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How to clean white shoes (old skool,converse, etc) (works everytime)

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