How much do shoes weigh on scale?

Jermey Wiegand asked a question: How much do shoes weigh on scale?
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Trainers, or running shoes, weigh approximately 1.75 pounds or roughly 0.8 kilograms. Sandals weigh around 0.77 pounds or 0.35 kilograms. A pair of vans or casual shoes weigh approximately 1.65 pounds or 0.75 kilograms.

  • Women’s shoes weigh between 2 to 2.5 pounds (908 to 1134 grams) on average. Men’s shoes weigh about 2.5 to 3 pounds (1134 to 1361 grams). Children’s shoes are lighter and weigh between 1 to 1.5 pounds (454 to 680 grams). Boots are heavier of course.


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