How much does lebron make from shoe deals?

Alayna Gulgowski asked a question: How much does lebron make from shoe deals?
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The most expensive shoe deals in the nba this season

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James signed a lifetime deal with Nike in 2016 that his business manager Maverick Carter told GQ is worth more than $1 billion. His shoes will need to continue to sell at a high clip in retirement to reach that mark.


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Zion williamson's massive shoe deal will break lebron .

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  • It took 7 games, but 8 pairs including 5 Soldier 10’s with 4 different coolorway and 3 LeBron 13 Elites with 3 different colorways. The only shoe that LeBron James wore twice it’s the one actually releasing this week. World makes sense again. Game 7: LEBRON SOLDIER 10: Black / Gold PE
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  • Recently, James has made appearances in commercials for the new Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry. The popular electronic company started by rapper Dr. Dre and bought by Apple in 2014 has sponsored James since 2008. The NBA superstar is often seen wearing the company’s headphones before and after games.
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  • You will be amazed to know that Lebron James even became the second ever person to get a lifetime contract by the famous NIKE in 2015, the sportswear giants. Originally he has been sponsored on a year by year basis by Nike since 2003. Lebron James networth is $40 million.

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Lebron james' lifetime deal with nike might actually be .