How much is 7 inches in shoe size?

Norris Schmidt asked a question: How much is 7 inches in shoe size?
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How to find your shoe size?

  • Tape a Piece of Letter-Sized Paper to the Floor. The paper will serve as a background for marking your foot's length…
  • Stand Up Straight on Top of the Paper. Wearing the type of socks that you'll wear with your shoes,place your heel at the bottom edge of the ...
  • Mark the Length and Width of Your Foot on the Paper…
  • Measure the Length and Width of Your Foot. Step off the paper and use a ruler to measure the length and the width of your foot…
  • Find Your Shoe Size on a Sizing Chart. Use your measurements to determine your shoe size from a shoe sizing chart…


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👠 What level of measurement is shoe size?

ordinal scales

In ordinal scales, values given to measurements can be ordered. One example is shoe size.

👠 What measurement is m in shoe size?

What does "m" mean in shoe size?

  • The show size "8M" means "size 8 - Medium (width)". The M is referring to the width of the shoe. "M" will sometimes be written as "C".

👠 What president had the smallest shoe size?

While in office, Rutherford B. Hayes wore a diminutive size 7. He had the smallest foot of any U.S. president. Before being assassinated in 1881, James Garfield selected a pair of black plain toe boots.

👠 What president wore a size 14 shoe?

Abraham Lincoln wore size 14 shoes, the biggest in U.S. president history.

👠 What shoe size is 10 in australia?

  • For mens, a US size 10 equates to a size 9.5 in the AUS/UK standard. Keep in mind that this number can change depending on the shoe size manufacturer. What Shoe Size Is 39 In Australia?

👠 What shoe size is 11.5 in european?

Shoe Size Conversion Chart

US SizesEuro SizesInches

👠 What shoe size is 24.5 cm uk?

Womens Shoe Size Guide

UK SizeApproximate EU SizeFoot Length (cm)

👠 What shoe size is 270 in us?

Men's Footwear


👠 What shoe size is 35 1 2?

- Download a foot size chart (EU sizes) by clicking here

34221.6 cm / 8.5"
352 1/222.3 cm / 8.8"
363 1/223 cm / 9.1"
37423.6 cm / 9.3"

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What shoe size is 36 in australia?

What are Australian shoe sizes based on?

  • When transferred to Australian sizes, a ladies 39 EU shoe size converts to a size of 8 in AUS/US size. For mens, the EU 39 size converts to a mens size 6 AUS/UK. What Are Australian Shoe Sizes Based Off? Australia shoe sizes for the most part are based of the US standards, unless it’s mens, then it is backed by the UK standard.
What shoe size is 36 in canada?

How big is a mens shoe size in Canada?

  • In Canada, Men’s sizes are approximately 1.5-2 sizes smaller than women’s. For example a Canadian men’s size 7 would be a Canadian women’s size 8.5. It’s often hard to tell if a supplier is listing their shoe size in Canadian, UK or AU sizes – so we find the best way is to check your European shoe size and use that as a guide.
What shoe size is 36.5 in uk?

What is the average shoe size for men in the UK?

  • The average male shoe size in the UK is 9, but a few years back the average male shoe size was 8. Obesity is probably responsible for the increase in shoe size.
What shoe size is 39 in ireland?


What shoe size is 40 in canada?


What shoe size is 40 in women's?
  • What is Shoe Size 40? The number 40 is used for women in the European shoe size system. Usually, in Europe, women’s size is four digits shorter than the men’s size. If you are a woman with European size 40, then it is 44 in EU men’s and 9 in U.S. women and 7 in U.S. men.