How much to ship 3 pound shoe box prioirty mail?

Salvador Thompson asked a question: How much to ship 3 pound shoe box prioirty mail?
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How to ship ebay shoes (with or without box) cheap in 2018!

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How much does USPS Flat rate shipping cost?

  • FLAT RATE BOXES PRICING. Small flat rate boxes are $5.95 per box. Medium sized (both styles) flat rate boxes are $12.65 per box. Large sized flat rate boxes are $17.90 per box.


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  • A microfiber or microfibre is actually a very thin synthetic fiber material. Its diameter is less than 10 micrometers which comes to about 0.001 cm. So basically, they are manufactured by mixing various proportions of polyamides, polyesters, and polypropylene.

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How to ship usps priority mail

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  • Canvas Cleaning – Shabby canvas rubber shoes can still be rescued with our affordable canvas cleaning. Quick clean, quick shine at Mr. Quickie. This service has gone out of the old street shoe shine way. We have come up with an innovative approach to the shoe shine service which brings out the best shine of your shoes.
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Three must have usps priority mail boxes for any online seller What makes up the outsole of a shoe?
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