How should a pointe shoe fit?

Samanta Zboncak asked a question: How should a pointe shoe fit?
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Finding the perfect fit - see how pointe shoes should fit!

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For a perfect fit, pointe shoes should match the dancer's foot shape, fit snugly but not painfully tight, work well technically, and have the appearance the dancer and her teachers and directors desire. Proper pointe fitting is an absolutely essential part of avoiding injury from pointe work.

Pointe shoes should feel snug and fitted all around your foot. The dancer should feel their toes touching the edge of the shoe, but still be able to wiggle their toes slightly inside the box. Standing in second position in demi-plie the big toe should feel all the way to the end, but not bent or curled in any way.


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Pointe shoe fitting guide (and an amazing shoe hack!) | kathryn morgan

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Fitting for a first pair of pointe shoes What's the best way to balance in a shoe?
  • You need to feel balanced in the shoe you’re walking in. “A stiff heel counter with a straight or hybrid last will help with the stability of the shoe,” explains Robert Fridman, DPM, president of Division IX American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons, and a podiatrist at Foot Associates in New York City.

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Pointe shoe fitter reacts to tik tok {part 6}