How to find your shoe size in mexico?

Alvah Okuneva asked a question: How to find your shoe size in mexico?
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  • Let’s say that you are a Woman from the United States with a shoe size of 7 and would like to know which size this corresponds to in Mexico. To get your shoe size first make sure that you are looking at the chart for Women’s shoe sizes, then go find the row with your desired region, in this case the row is marked “U.S. & Canada”.

What are shoe sizes in Mexico?

  • Remember that shoe sizes in Mexico are based on the foot length in centimeter. A Mexican women size 19.5 for example, means that the wearer’s foot measures 19.5 cm. This can be converted to a US 2.5 which is 7 ⅚ inches. The same rule applies to men. A Mexican shoe size 20 means 20 cm in foot length.

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