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❔ Which shoe company has a sailboat logo?


❔ Which company logo has a flying shoe?


❔ What shoe company uses wings in its logo?

It's the Red Wing Shoe company. The company has a 105 year history that started in Red Wing Minnesota. They use a red wing for their logo.

❔ What company donates shoes?

Toms, the once-high-flying shoe brand, is itching for a comeback. It starts with expanding beyond the millennials who swooned for its slip-ons and how it donated a pair of shoes to a needy kid for each one sold.

❔ What shoe company has a logo with a yellow tree?

Timberland. Are u playing logo game??

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Do insoles fit all shoes?

Bulk Sizing – Some support insoles come in every size (8, 9, 10…), some span a couple of sizes (8-9.5, 10-11.5), and some of the least-expensive insoles come one size fits all… Most insoles (and all custom orthotics) can be trimmed in the front to fit into a particular shoe.

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All about cross training shoes?

Cross training shoes are designed to meet the requirements of active individuals, giving support in a variety of areas. Cross training shoes typically have a wide base to provide lateral stability and support. This makes them great for those with feet that pronate inward, as the wide base can help reduce this tendency. Since cross training shoes are designed for a variety of activities, they need to be versatile. Cross training shoes usually have very durable outsoles, allowing them to be worn on the tennis court, basketball court, track, and so on. If you tend to play a variety of sports or participate in multiple activities, cross training shoes are for you. They are basically a mix of the best features from all other shoe types. To enhance the stability of the shoes, cross trainers usually have a lot of cushioning near the heel and forefoot. This cushioning is denser than in other sneaker types, providing a foundation of support. The main types of cushioning in cross training shoes are EVA and PU. EVA cushioning is best for those who need speed, such as basketball or tennis players. EVA cushioning is lightweight, but it doesn't have as much durability as PU cushioning. PU cushioning is dense, adding both stability and weight to a shoe. If you want a cross training shoe that is both lightweight and durable, look for one with compressed EVA. Most cross training shoes have unique uppers made from both leather and a lightweight mesh material. This combination provides great support, while also allowing the foot to breathe. If you need optimal support, you may need to opt for an all-leather upper, even if it comes with the cost of losing some breathability. If you have a pair of cross training shoes now, look at the soles. If they are worn out at all, it is probably time to replace them. As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended you replace your cross trainers about every 100 hours of wear. If you wear your cross trainers often, this usually equates to about twice per year.

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Can all shoes be resoled?

Not all shoes can be resoled. Whether a shoe can be resoled depends entirely on the design and construction of the shoe. On lower quality shoes, replacement soles may not be available. Even if they are, the cost to replace the sole may exceed the cost of the shoe, which doesn't make sense for the smart consumer.

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Are all macbeth shoes vegan?

No, but they do have a line of vegan shoes. The vegan shoes are listed as vegan on the website.

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Are all shoes created equal?

You may think that a size 9 shoe in America is going to be the same as a size 9 shoe in Britain. However, there are two different systems of measuring shoes in the two countries. In fact, you may see that there are multiple shoe sizes indicated on a sneaker box whn you purchase them from the store.Shoe Size Conversion Charts Come In HandyBefore you purchase a shoe in Britain, you should have a shoe size conversion chart handy. This chart will tell you what size shoe you should be looking for in Britain if you happen to need a new pair of sneakers. These charts are widely available online for download. They should only take a second to find if you do a search through Google or some other search engine.The Salesperson Should Know What You Are Looking ForThe salesperson at the shoe store should know what size that you are looking for. If you are looking for a size in a particular unit of measurement, it would be wise to indicate that when you first walk in. This way, the salesperson knows to look for the equivalent of a size 9 British shoe in an American shoe store. This will also come in handy if you having footwear custom made for you.You Can Tell If You Have The Right SizeWhen you put a shoe on, you should be able to tell if you have the right size or not. Don't purchase any shoe that doesn't properly fit you. Instead, you should ask for another size until you find one that fits. It is more foolish to buy a size that is too large or small than to admit that you didn't know about the size conversion.It is important that you only buy shoes that are comfortable and fit right. If you are not, your feet will hurt all day. At some point, you will be back at the shoe store looking for another pair of shoes. Hopefully, you will get the right size the second time.

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Are all vivobarefoot shoes wide?

The background to Vivobareboot shoe widths

We categorise Vivobarefoot as medium to wide in fit… They work on the internal circumference of each shoe rather than sole width and did take care when they re-designed their shoes to ensure that this was consistent across all styles.

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Can a shoe company sell their shoes online?

  • Apart from sales in stores, most shoe line entrepreneurs have also had to go online to sell their shoes. Since shoes are generally discretionary purchases, the online stores are heavily dependent on per capita disposable income as well as macroeconomic factors that drive consumer spending.

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Which is the best company to develop shoes?

  • Welcome to Modern Vice’s Footwear Development and Private Label division! By far the best place to be for any and all your shoe needs, developing a shoe has never been so easy!

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Which company makes the women's gel kayano shoes?

The company that makes the Gel Kayano performance spot running shoes is Asics. Asics is a good brand with a strong reputation for building quality running shoes.

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Who is the founder of toms shoes company?

  • The company was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie, an entrepreneur from Arlington, Texas. The company designs and sells shoes based on the Argentine alpargata design as well as eyewear. How much money does TOMS shoes make?

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Who is the company that makes basketball shoes?

  • AND1 is an American footwear and clothing company specializing in basketball shoes, clothing, and sporting goods. AND1 was founded on August 13, 1993, on the grounds of "All ball, nothing more". AND1 focuses strictly on basketball and is a subsidiary of Sequential Brands Group.

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Who is the company that makes toms shoes?

  • Skechers, founded in 1990, is a manufacturer and retailer of casual shoes, sneakers, sandals, and boots. They are known for their celebrity-based advertising campaigns. In 2010, Skechers copied essentially the entire concept behind TOMS and launched BOBS Shoes by SKECHERS.

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Where does the company zeba shoes come from?

  • Zeba is a U.S. based footwear company located in Paramus, New Jersey. We started this business in 2015 with the goal of creating the world's most comfortable shoes using innovative new designs. Our signature Zeba sneakers use our patent pending "collapsible shoe heel" technology which allows users to put their shoes on effortlessly.

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Who is the parent company of avia shoes?

  • Avia has since been acquired by the Sequential Brands Group in the Galaxy Brands deal in 2014. Avia made its name as a leading brand in the 1980s for its line of women's walking and aerobics shoes, as well as men's shoes.

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Do all adidas shoes run big?

The majority of Adidas shoes run true to size.

You'll have to take into account wider feet for the Ultraboost 1.0 and 2.0. Cloudfoam shoes can run bigger in women's sizes, but you shouldn't necessarily order a smaller size to start.

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What shoes are all american made?

  • Aurora Shoe Co – made in New York.
  • Capps Shoe Company – airline uniform shoes, made in Virginia.
  • Eastland – made in Maine.
  • Footwear by Footskins – made in Minnesota.
  • Frye boots – select styles.
  • Helm Boots – made in Texas.
  • Mohop – women's, made in Illinois.
  • Munro – women's, select styles made in Arkansas.

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Do insoles fit in all shoes?

  • Yes, Dr. Scholl's ® insoles and orthotics can be transferred from shoe to shoe as long as the shoe is still comfortable and does not feel too tight. Since every shoe is different, certain insoles and orthotics may fit better in certain shoes.

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Do all shoes have a welt?

Welts are the pieces of leather where the sole of the shoe attaches to the upper leather. Today, most cheaply made shoes don't have welts, the sole is just cemented directly onto the bottom of the upper, so when the sole wears down after some decent wear the shoe has to be thrown out as well.

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Are all brake shoes the same?

First of all, are brake pads and brake shoes the same? The short answer is no. While they both carry out a similar function, they operate in different types of braking systems and have different advantages (and disadvantages).

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Do orthotics fit in all shoes?

Often custom made foot orthotics can be transferred between similar types of shoes. For example, the orthotic that is made for your running shoes will likely fit in your walking or hiking shoes. However, the same orthotic may not fit, or be as effective in, a pair of lady's dress shoes, sandals, skis or skates.

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Are all hot shoes the same?

The only standard contact is the "hot" one, the central one. All the rest is proprietary and is not guaranteed to remain the same even within the same maker products.

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Are all running shoes non-marking?

How to check if your tennis shoes have non-marking soles. Shoes with hard and stiff soles leave marks that damage traditional wooden or tiled floors. They leave ugly scuff marks and lines that can be very hard to correct… If there are any scuff marks on the white paper, your shoes are not non-marking shoes.

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Are all shoes made by hand?

Despite the number of steps and materials involved, a pair of shoes can be manufactured much more quickly in a factory than by hand… But don't forget that there's one more aspect that makes things just a little bit more difficult: every shoe design also has to be manufactured in a wide variety of different sizes!

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Are all the converse shoes unisex?

i am pretty sure they are. i had the same question so i investigated. i have a pair of converse that are alot of times listed as a guys shoe though i am a girl, i still wear them to school because i believe that all converse are unisex, nobody has told me otherwise.

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What types of shoes does the vibram company manufacture?

Vibram manufacture what is known as the 'five-fingered' shoe or the 'bare-foot' shoe. These shoes are especially designed to promote healthy feet, as well as endurance and strength with regular use.

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Is there a company that still makes athletic shoes?

  • In New Balance’s own words, “As the only major company that still makes athletic shoes in the United States, New Balance has a unique perspective on trade in that we want to make more shoes in the United States, not less.

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What shoe company sold the most shoes in 2009?

In 2009, the Nike shoe company got the most shoes sold.

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What kind of shoes do the chaco company make?

  • The Chaco brand also provides a variety of outdoor-influenced fashion sandals, shoes, flip-flops, boots and accessories. The flagship line of adjustable outdoor sandals are distinguished by the fact that they use a single strap which loops around the foot through the sole, and so can be adjusted to fit without any extra fastenings.

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What did quicksilver pay for the company dc shoes?

Quiksilver paid about $97 million in cash and stock for DC shoe co. Quiksilver also assumed DC's debt as part of the deal

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Which is the best company to repair gucci shoes?

  • Rago Brothers has been repairing and restoring Gucci shoes for decades. Our cobblers are able to replace soles and heels with leather or rubber.

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Who is the company that makes new balance shoes?

  • New Balance. New Balance Athletics, Inc. ( NB ), best known as simply New Balance, is one of the world's major sports footwear and apparel manufacturers. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the multinational corporation was founded in 1906 as the New Balance Arch Support Company .

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What is a good company that makes running shoes?

Nike is among the top running/athletic shoe producers of all time. Others include Adidas and Mizuno which are both top name shoe-making companies as well.

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Do all nike shoes fit the same?

  • That's because to make its shoes, Nike has to create lasts for all of them. A last is a three-dimensional mold used in footwear production that gives every shoe its shape. Nike consequently knows the exact interior volume for each of its shoes, which don't all fit the same.

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Do all hoka shoes fit the same?

Nobody can dare to say that all Hoka One One shoes run big, small, or true to size. In fact, some Hoka shoes run small, others run big, others run true to size, and others run narrow.

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What are all bird shoes made of?

Footwear brand Allbirds uses merino wool to manufacture the textile uppers of its Wool Runners shoes, which also feature laces made from recycled plastic bottles and insoles produced using castor bean oil.

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Are all pointe shoes made by hand?

  • All pointe shoes are hand made and come in various length, widths and degrees of hardness. Many ballerinas have them custom made for the best fit. Point shoes are a very personal topic and ballerinas are very busy preparing them for their needs.

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Are all alden shoes made in usa?

Alden Shoes have been made in the USA by skilled shoemakers in Middleborough, Massachusetts since 1884. Both Stock Program shoes and Custom Bootmaker Edition Alden shoes are available at

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What color shoes goes with all black?

  1. 1 Less Is More. If your black ensemble has a mix of fabrics, multiple layers or other intricate detailing, it may be best to keep your footwear neutral -- black, nude, beige or brushed metallics are perfect pairings…
  2. 2 Bold and Beautiful.

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What types of shoes does the bostonian shoe company sell?

The Bostonian Shoe Company sells many different kinds of dress and casual mens shoes. They sell loafers, slip on shoes, winged tipped shoes, caped toe shoes, plain toe and boots.

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What's the name of the company that makes running shoes?

  • Founded in 1914, Seattle-based Brooks Sports (also known as Brooks Running) originally manufactured footwear for a broad range of sports. However, the company made a strategic decision in 2001 to focus on only running shoes within the sports retail, and the brand never looked back.

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Is there a company that sells shoes for flat feet?

A company that sells shoes for flat feet can be found at a store called Healthy Shoe Store. Another website that can provide shoes for flat feet is the Live Strong website.

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Which company donates a pair of shoes for everyone sold?

Toms, the once-high-flying shoe brand, is itching for a comeback. It starts with expanding beyond the millennials who swooned for its slip-ons and how it donated a pair of shoes to a needy kid for each one sold.

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What shoe designer and producer company has a g with a wing above it in its logo?


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What shoes are best for standing all day?

  1. Lightweight Construction…
  2. Durability…
  3. Heel and Arch Support…
  4. High Traction Shock Absorbing Outsoles…
  5. Extra Padding and Cushioning…
  6. Breathability.

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Do you have to wear shoes all day?

  • Being on your feet all day can be really tiring and uncomfortable which is why you need to have the best shoes for standing all day. A lot of people with varying occupations work on their feet throughout the day. These include nurses, security personnel and people working in the retail industry.

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What size is the polo logo?

It's a classic and sophisticated way to show the logo of your company to the world. It is recommended that this logo should be no larger than 4" by 5", although many are smaller.

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What does the vans logo represent?

It represents the V sheltering the rest of the word, hence that Vans is a reliable shoe that protects your foot

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When did the converse all star shoes come out?

  • The company introduced its All Star basketball shoe in 1917. History was made several years later when Chuck Taylor himself joined the sales staff and eventually developed a reputation as a true game ambassador. Sales picked up speed and, before long, the shoes were being worn by professional players and gold medal athletes alike.

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What are all the different types of nike shoes?

  • Here is the full list of Nike shoe models and variants: Air Pegasus. Free Run. Free Walk. Hyperdunk. Impel Leather. Lunarlon. Lunarswift. Mackenzie's Free Run. Shox. SMS Peanut 2 Canvas.

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How to buy and sell all things worn shoes?

  • What’s more, All Things Worn makes the process of buying and selling Used Shoes seamless, easy, secure, and anonymous - thereby providing you with peace of mind, and great value for money. We guarantee you’ll be back to visit us, over and over again. Sign Up Now, and become part of our growing community of Buyers and Sellers! Nothing Like A...

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