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❔ What us size is 42?

  • If you are a size 42, this means you have are of a slightly larger than average size. You can also be a size 42 in men’s shoes. Size 42 is the European measure of shoe sizes, and is the equivalent of an American size 8.5.

❔ What size is 42 in us shoe size?

Men's Shoe Sizes


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❔ What is size 42 in us shoe size?

Women's Shoe Sizes


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❔ What us shoe size is 42?

  • You can also be a size 42 in men’s shoes. Size 42 is the European measure of shoe sizes, and is the equivalent of an American size 8.5. This could be considered an average shoe size for men - perhaps slightly on the small side.

❔ Euro shoe size 42 equals what us size?

Men's Shoe Size Conversions

US SizesEuro SizesInches

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What is a women's size 8 in men shoes?

A women's size 8 is a men's size 6.

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Not all men’s athletic shoes serve the same purpose?

When shopping for men’s athletic shoes, one must understand that different shoes are made for different purposes. For instance, a running shoe is constructed differently than a walking shoe, and a men’s cross-training shoe is nothing like a basketball sneaker. From the soles to the uppers, different athletic shoes serve different purposes. When taking up a running regimen, it is important to find a shoe that supports that particular form of exercise. You must also choose a shoe that supports the shape of your foot, i.e flat foot, high arch or neutral. If you aren’t sure which one you are, simply wet the bottom of your foot and step on pavement to leave your foot’s imprint. From the imprint, you can tell what type of support you are going to need in a running shoe. Walking is really taking hold in America and is one of the best forms of aerobic exercise for men. A good walking shoe is more likely to ensure your enjoyment of walking and keep you on an exercise regimen than one that doesn’t fit well or that hurts your feet as you walk. Flexibility, support and comfort are the hallmarks of a good walking shoe. Again, finding a shoe that fits your particular foot shape is very important. If you are looking for a shoe that allows you to perform all types of exercise without buying individual pairs of shoe for each activity, then the cross-trainer is a good bet. All cross-trainer shoes are not created equal. Do your homework. A good cross-trainer athletic shoe will allow you the support you need to play basketball or lift weights, or even a game of pick-up football, while also providing the comfort you need while simply enjoying a vigorous walk. With all men’s athletic shoes, it is vitally important to make sure that the fit is perfect to avoid unnecessary injuries that an ill-fitting shoe can cause. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the person selling you a good men’s athletic shoe. Spending the time and the money on a good shoe initially will save you money and worries down the road.

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What is a size 8 in women shoes converted to men size?

Mens sizes are 2 sizes smaller than women's, so it would be about a 6.

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What is a size 5 in men shoes coberted to women size?

Size 5 in men's size is about a size 7 women's. In most cases, to convert men's to women's sizes, you subtract 2 sizes from women's sizes to get the men's size, or add 2 sizes onto the men's to get a women's size. Unfortunately, this rule varies, so for a perfect fit, TRY ON THE SHOE before you buy it.

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What is a size 6 in men shoes coverted to women size?

The general rule is to take the men's size and add two to get the women's shoe size. That would mean that a men's size 6 is a women's size 8.

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What is a size 7 in men shoes converted to women size? AnswerWomens shoes are approx. 2 sizes bigger than mens. So if a man has size 7 shoes, then a womans would be size 9. I wear mens shoes size 10, but my church shoes and cowboy boots are size 12 in womens. I have had that problem for years...don't like it. lol. Womens shoes are actually smaller, hence why a mans shoe in 7 is a 9 in womens, because a woman's size 7 shoe is to small for him.

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What is size 37 in us shoes?

  • For the most part, when converting from European shoe size to US shoe size, it is pretty easy. A simple way of looking at it is to simply look at the second number of European shoe size and that will be your US shoe size. For example, a 37 is a size 7.

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What is the shoe size 43 in us men?

What is large shoe size for men?

  • The largest shoe size ever was 37AA, worn by Robert Wadlow , an American who lived from 1918 to 1940; Wadlow was 8 feet 11 inches tall and still holds the Guinness World Record for largest feet ever. Nowadays, the largest shoe size that most brands offer for men is a 13 or 14, but athletic brands like Nike or Adidas offer up to an 18 or 19.

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What size is a womens size 42 shoe?

Women's Shoe Size Chart


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What does shirt size 42 mean?

Medium. Body Length: 29.5" Chest: 42"

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What is shoe size 42-45?

Shoe Size Conversion Chart

US SizesEuro SizesInches

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What does jacket size 42 mean?

Suit and sport coat sizes have one number and one descriptive word (for example, 38 short, 40 regular, 42 long). The number refers to your chest measurement, and the descriptive word refers to the length of the jacket.

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Where can i find men shoes size 17b inexpensive 'dressing?

Allen Edmonds will make two or three different styles in 17B. Inexpensive...they are not.

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What is a womens size 7.5 equal in men shoes?

womens shoe size 7.5=mens shoe size 5.5

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If you wear a size eleven in women shoes what size would it be in men shoes?

9.5 mens

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What is shoes size 41 in the us?

A 41 is a 9 1/2 or 9.5 and a size 40 is a size 9 a 42 is 10.

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What size is 44 in us mens shoes?

Example: A men's European shoe size 44 is a US shoe size 10.

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What american shoe size is european shoe size 42?

European shoe size 42 is American Men shoe size 8 1/2 and American Women shoe size 10.

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What american shoe size is a french size 42?

it's a 10

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What english shoe size is european shoe size 42?

UK size 9 :)

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If you wear a size 10 in women shoes so what size would it be in men shoes?

Not all shoe brands are the same, but for New Balance shoes, which is a good standard of measure: If you wear a women's size 10 medium (10 B), then your men's size is usually going to be an 8.5 narrow (8.5 B), because the men's and women's scales are offset by 1.5 sizes and by 1 width deviation. A women's medium width is normally "B", while a men's medium width is a "D". women's: 4A (X-narrow) - 2A (narrow) - B (medium) - D (wide) - 2E (X-wide) - 4E (XX-wide) men's: 2A (X-narrow) - B (narrow) - D (medium) - 2E (wide) - 4E (X-wide) - 6E (XX-wide) So if you want to buy a men's shoe in size 8.5, you may want to choose the men's narrow (B) width if it is available. These numbers and letters correspond to the sizing standards of the Brannock foot measuring device.

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What is a size 6 in womens shoes converted to men size uk sizes?

If you are a size 6 in women's shoes, you would be a 4 in men's UK size.

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Is shoe size ring size men?

Is the ring size the same as the shoe size?

  • Majority of the variables were comparable. The ring size and the shoe size were very close if not the same in number. When you compare the two variables the sizes aren’t more than four sizes apart. In most samples the shoe size was larger than the ring size. Only a few people had a smaller shoe size than ring size.

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What is a european shoe size 42?

Shoe Size Guide

US SizesEuro SizesInches

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What is a size 42 in american?

i assume you mean shoe size?... If not please let me know and a UK size 8 and American 10.5 ;)

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What is shoe size 42 in canada?

How big is a mens shoe size in Canada?

  • In Canada, Men’s sizes are approximately 1.5-2 sizes smaller than women’s. For example a Canadian men’s size 7 would be a Canadian women’s size 8.5. It’s often hard to tell if a supplier is listing their shoe size in Canadian, UK or AU sizes – so we find the best way is to check your European shoe size and use that as a guide.

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What is size 42 in australian shoe?

Women's Shoe Sizes


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What is the average shoe size for men in the us?

  • For men, the average shoe size worldwide is a size 9 to a 12. However in the United States alone, men average a size 10.5 shoe.

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If you wear a 8 in shoes what size do you wear in men shoes?

You'd wear a 6. Men's shoes are two numbers lower than women's, but the same size. Women's 6 -> Men's 4 Women's 7 -> Men's 5 Women's 8 -> Men's 6 and so on.

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If im a size 9 in womans shoes is it the same in men shoes?

In North America, women's shoe sizes (for most brands) are 1 1/2 more than men's size. So a size 9 women's will be a size 7 1/2 men's.

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What would a shoe size 7 us size be in uk shoes?

A US size 7 womens is a size 4.5 UK and a US size 7 mens is a size 6.5 UK

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Can men wear women's shoes?

Yes, of course men can wear women's shoes. Use this as a rule of thumb: For any size of a man's shoe, just add 2 sizes. For example, if a man wears a size 9, then the woman's shoe size he would purchase would be a size 11. I was told this by a friend of mine who owns a shoe store.

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Are brooks men beast running shoes good shoes?

The Brooks menbeast running shoes are said to be best for large runners with flat feet. However, they are said to be the best motion control running shoe for men.

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If you wear a 5.5 in women shoes what size do you wear in men shoes?

You would wear about a size 4 or 5. I would know i work in a shoe department store.

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If you wear a 8 in women shoes what size do you wear in men shoes?

In the US and Canada: If you wear an 8 in womens then you would wear a 6 to 6 1/2 in men's. To convert from MEN'S to Women's-add between 1 1/2 to 2. To convert from WOMEN'S to Men's-subtract between 1 1/2 and 2.

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How big is a size 42 dress shoe?

  • The reason is simple. in fact most dress shoes in size 42 are made to fit a foot 26 cm long like mine, so they are made wider and longer than that, so the 26cm foot is comfortable inside. Sports shoes are sized techically.

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Can a woman wear a size 42 shoe?

  • A woman who wears a size 42 would probably be as comfortable in a men's shoe as a women's shoe in terms of how the shoe fits. Only masculine or feminine fashion details on the shoe's upper would reveal the shoe's true gender.

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How big is 42 cm in shoe size?

  • EU Size 41. = 26,0 cm. EU Size 42. = 26,7 cm. EU Size 43. = 27,3 cm. EU Size 44. = 28,0 cm. EU Size 45.

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Is it true size 7 shoe is equal to size 42?


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What is the uk equivalent size for the us women's shoes size 7?

The U.K equivalent size for the U.S women's shoe size 7 is 4 and one half. This conversion was confirmed by several websites. These websites offer a chart titled the "International Shoe Size Converter."

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Highest shoe size for men?


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Average shoe size for men?


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What's the average size of mens shoes in the us?

  • The ranges of shoe sizes in the US in men and women differ. Where women shoe sizes range between 4 and 12, men’s range between 6 and 16. For rare cases, there is always an exception where larger shoe sizes are developed.

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What is the us equivalent of uk shoes size 7?

  • UK shoe sizes are actually surprisingly close to US shoe sizes, and usually the size difference for men is only about 0.5 size and 2 for women sizes. Hence, a US women's shoe size 9, corresponds to a UK size 7 and a US men's shoe size 10.5 to a UK men's shoe size 10.

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What is a size 7 youth in men shoes converted to women sizes?

Different brands would have different sizes but 7men would be converted to 8.5 women

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What dress shoes do men need?

  • Oxford. The Oxford is a classic men's dress shoe that belongs in every gent's closet…
  • Brogue. Brogues can be a deceptive shoe type…
  • Derby. Like Oxfords, Derby shoes are another common type of dress shoe…
  • Monk Strap. The monk strap shoe is a stylish and unique dress shoe…
  • Loafer…
  • Chelsea Boot…
  • Lace-Up Boot…
  • Chukka Boot.

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What is shoe size 42 equal to in uk?

European size 42 is the same as a UK size 8.

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What is a mens 27 in shoe size 42?

Men's Shoe Size Conversions

US SizesEuro SizesCM

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What is size 32 men for men large or medium?

32-34 is medium. 36-38 is large

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What is the most common women shoes size in the us?

  • Feet have gotten larger, too. While there are no official statistics about shoe sizes, anecdotally, the average shoe size for women in the United States ranges between 8.5 and 9. Average shoe size by height There's an established correlation between height and shoe size.

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