What does 9 m us mean in shoe size?

Emery Jacobs asked a question: What does 9 m us mean in shoe size?
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It is a women's shoe so it's women's sizing… The "M" stands for medium width of the shoe. The sizes are standard for women. Therefore, you should order your normal shoe size.


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👠 What does 10.5 shoe size mean?

In American shoe sizing, letter indicates width. C is narrow, D is standard (or medium, hence the accompanying "M") and E, EE (or 2E), AND EEE (or 3E) are the extra wide sizes… The 10.5 US size is equal to 44.5 Europe. The d(m) refers to width,in this case medium narrow. 2e is wide and 4e is extrawide.

👠 What does 10m shoe size mean?

It is a women's shoe so it's women's sizing. I ordered a women's 10 and it fits perfectly. A men's 10 would have been 1 and 1/2 sizes too big… The "M" stands for medium width of the shoe. The sizes are standard for women.

👠 What does 11e shoe size mean?

The letters next to the size correspond to the width of the shoe. 11D would be a standard shoe, D = Medium Width. 11E would be considered a wide width shoe, E = Wide Width… The letters represent the widths of the shoes - regular, narrow, wide, etc.

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What does 7e shoe size mean?
  • The shoe size is 7E. The letter represents the width (A, B, C, D, E,) which seems to be the widest option in this case. However I've never considered my feet as wide.
What does 7y shoe size mean?

@frodecatur. @frodecatur. There is a 7 mens and 7Y. They are the same size in length, but the adult size is made for an adults foot & the youth for a kid.

What does 8b shoe size mean?

8 B (M) US means it is a Women's size 8… Women's shoe size 8, medium width.

What does 8c shoe size mean?
  • This is for someone with very narrow sparrow-like feet. C is just one step more narrow than D, which is average width. B and A are more narrow. AA and AAA are for people with "very narrow sparrow-like feet." These are from the Sample sale in NYC. Paul Stuart had a large stack of size 8C in this style for some reason.
What does 8m shoe size mean?

The "M" stands for medium width of the shoe. The sizes are standard for women. Therefore, you should order your normal shoe size… The shoes also are a true fit. Therefore, if you wear an 8.5M then order that size.

What does 9b shoe size mean?

9B is narrow to medium. 9 is just standard medium width. Amy M Moser. · May 7, 2015.

What does 9c shoe size mean?

What is the length of a size 9 shoe?

  • Size 9: 10 inches or 25.1 cm Size 9.5: 10 3/16 inches or 25.4 cm Size 10: 10 5/16 inches or 25.9 cm Size 10.5: 10 1/2 inches or 26.2 cm Size 11: 10 11/16 inches or 26.7 cm Size 11.5: 10 13/16 inches or 27.1 cm Size 12: 11 inches or 27.6 cm 8.
What does aa shoe size mean?
  • It is considered one step narrower than the standard size. In Men’s trainers, AA tends to mean extra-narrow, while narrow is labeled as “B.” Depending on the brand of the shoe, the toe box -- the space containing the toes -- might be wider, and you may need an even narrower shoe to accommodate the wider toe area...
What does br shoe size mean?

What size is 44 in shoes?

  • For example, a woman's shoe size 10 is a men's shoe size 8. Example: A men's European shoe size 44 is a US shoe size 10. Example: A women's European shoe size 39 is a US shoe size 8.
What does c shoe size mean?

What is C width in shoes?

  • The width of D in shoe sizing is considered a medium width for males, as is the width of C. The size D, of course, is wider than C in a male shoe. However, a D width in a female shoe is considered a wide shoe. Medium D, therefore, refers to the larger medium width for a male shoe.
What does cn shoe size mean?

US size is a small, CN is a large. I would suggest ordering a small then.

What does d size shoe mean?

What does D stand for in women shoe size?

  • In the United States, shoes are sized for length and width. Nine widths are available, ranging from AAA (narrowest) to EEE (widest). For men, a D width is considered a medium; for women, a medium is a B width. For comfortable shoe-wearing, it is important to get your width right.
What does eur shoe size mean?
  • Under the European (EU) shoe sizing system, shoe size is the length of the "last" - the length of the foot plus two centimeters - expressed in "Paris Points". The Paris Point is a unit of length equaling 2/3 of a centimeter or roughly 0.2625 inch.
What does narrow shoe size mean?

What are the best shoe brands for narrow feet?

  • 1. Stuart Weitzman- Stuart Weitzman has many stylish shoes that are favorable for people with narrow feet. This is including high heels and adorable flats. You can, therefore, try Stuart Weitzman brand to get the right shoes.
What does preschool shoe size mean?


Grade School: 3.5-7. Preschool: 10.5-3. Toddler: 2-10. Infant: 0-4. What does shoe size 10e mean?
  • An E width shoe is considered a wide for men and extra wide for women. Measuring at the bottom of the ball of the foot, an E width stretches between 3.2 and 5.2 inches, depending on foot size. For men, a size 10E is 4.2 inches across, while a size 14E is 4.7 inches across. EE width shoes are considered extra wide for men and women.
What does shoe size 10w mean?

M/W in shoe sizing means medium width, shoe company's make shoes in standard width which is letters as opposed to she size in numbers, it usually only goes up to width fitting G and sometimes maybe a bit more, which is widest, so a E width fitting would be narrower than a G fitting, the lower letter in the alphabet the ...

What does shoe size 2a mean?

Size 6 2a (n) means the shoes are narrow width. My mom and sister wear 2a (aka narrow). C/D means Wide width. B is typical, or standard width.

What does shoe size 38_48 mean?

What is a 38 Shoe size?

  • For women, the European shoe size 38 coverts to a U.S. size 7 1/2. In men's shoes, size 38 equals an American size 6 shoe. A size 38 shoe is designed to fit a foot 9 5/8 inches long. Around the world, countries use a variety of measurements for shoes.
What does shoe size 38 mean?

If you've ever wondered "What size shoe is a 38?" (It is a men's size 7.5 in the US) or "What is a size 40 in shoes?" (that'd be a US men's size 9.5), read on to learn how to measure shoe sizes in different countries… Brooks running shoes vs. Oboz hiking boots, maybe run slightly different in sizes.

What does shoe size 4e mean?
  • 2E and 4E are two of the most common ‘E’ letter sizes, and similar to ‘A’ letter widths, adding more Es will increase the overall width. For men, a 2E is considered a Wide shoe, while a 4E or larger will be considered Extra Wide. For women, a 2E or larger is considered an Extra Wide shoe.
What does shoe size 5c mean?

What does C mean in shoe size?

  • C is child and Y is youth. These refer to child sizes, which is the 2T-3T, etc… Since your son wears size 1-2 in shoe size, you should get the 13C-4Y size, which refers to size 13 in child shoe sizes up to size 4 youth shoes. What age is 5C?
What does shoe size 5y mean?

What shoe size should you wear?

  • In the US, the average shoe size of a woman is anywhere between 7-9; while in the UK, it is 6.5-7. For men, it is somewhere between 9-12 in the US, and between 7-8 in the UK.