What is zac efron's favorite brand of shoe?

Louisa Zieme asked a question: What is zac efron's favorite brand of shoe?
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👠 What is beyonce's favorite shoe brand?


👠 What is adam lambert's favorite shoe brand?

His Favorite shoe brand is Rick Owens Men Footwear

👠 What is aj lee's favorite shoe brand?

only aj lee knows and maybe his friends he probably didn't put it on the internet

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van converse shoes

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What is john cena's favorite shoe brand?


What is juatin boebers favorite shoe brand?

Nike I thing

What is justin bieber's favorite shoe brand?

his favorite shoe brand is supra.. so as his best friend...he likes supra shoes alot!!!!...so do Iflip-flopsHis favorite shoe brand is Supra that's why I'm buying some !!!!!!vansSkater shoe's!his fav is converseWell, he seems to like Converse, AllStar, and especially his LouieV hightops and Supras ;)I'm not sure but he wears high tops and other shoes

What is liam payne's favorite shoe brand?


What is selena gomezs favorite shoe brand?

Selena Gomez's favortie shoe brand is converse.

What is taylor lautner favorite shoe brand?


What's billie joe's favorite shoe brand?


What is michael jackson's favorite brand of shoe?

its called penny loafers

What is nick jonas' favorite brand of shoe?

Green Converse.

What is the name of taylor lautners favorite shoe brand?

he wear nike

Who is favorite shoe brand is converse in one direction?

I think it's Liam Payne!

What is trey songz favorite name brand shoes?

Trey Songz favorite name brand shoe is Nike.

What is coles favorite shoe?

Cole likes Vans. Mainly the Vans Authentic or Vans Era.

What is nialls favorite shoe?

Supra's. xx

What is selenas favorite shoe?

that's easy converse she wears them all the time

What is zayn's favorite shoe?


What is a frog's favorite shoe?

An open-toad sandal!

What is avril lavigne's favorite shoe?


What is chris bosh's favorite shoe?

new balance

What is hayley williams's favorite shoe?

Any shoes but mainly sneakers.