What kind of boots does the undertaker wear?

Jordy Collier asked a question: What kind of boots does the undertaker wear?
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Black boots or combat boots work for an Undertaker costume. Many of his various sets of ring gear over the years, including his current attire, has the tops of his boots covered by pant legs, anyway.


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  • Pacey, skillful and with a lightning change of direction, Leo Messi is a great fit for the f50, whether in action for Barcelona or Argentina. Since 2010, Leo Messi has been the leading name attached to the adidas f50 adizero, a 165g release from the Three Stripes designed to maximise speed thanks to it’s lightweight construction.

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A Facebook post by John Wayne Enterprises on Jan. 14, 2016, included a photo of Lucchese boots and states, “Did you know … John Wayne had his boots made by Lucchese Boot Company in San Antonio, Texas?” The photo is credited to “A collection of John Wayne's Lucchese Boots.”

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  • Cutaway view of white Bunny Boots While they are not officially called “Mickey Mouse” boots by the military, these boots became known by the moniker for the way their appearance resembled that of the famous Disney character.

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Carrie was shoe-shamed for her "extravagance" when a party guest of her friend Kyra helped themselves to her Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby d'Orsay pump with rhinestone buckle. (The hostess had a no-shoes-inside-the-house rule.)

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  • Slip-on shoes cover a large range of shoe styles, from pumps and slippers to the more formal elastic-gusset shoes that look hardly different from oxfords to the low-cut casual slip-on shoes known as either loafers, casuals, moccasins or Norwegians. Not all slip-ons are created equal, and Bond does not wear all of his slip-ons the same way.
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