What kind of shoes do guys wear to prom?

Otilia Doyle asked a question: What kind of shoes do guys wear to prom?
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Select shoes that work with the color of your suit or tux. Shoes are available in brown, black, navy, or white. If you're wearing a colored suit, pick a color that will highlight your suit. For example, if the jacket is maroon, choose black or white shoes.


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👠 What shoes do you wear at prom?

  • Ballerina flats.
  • Strappy sandals.
  • Heeled court shoes.
  • Block heels.

👠 Why can't guys wear pointe shoes?

Guys do wear pointy shoes. There called cowboy boots. Any other type of pointy shoe would be considered too gay.

👠 What prom shoe a guy should wear?

On prom night, such formal shiny black shoes matching the tux color are best. Cap-Toes, Plain Oxfords, and Wholecuts lace shoes are better alternatives (see picture). Nowadays, there's also a trend of loafer socks (no-show socks) and loafer shoes.

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Brown leather boots

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