What shoe company is named after a african animal?

Petra Powlowski asked a question: What shoe company is named after a african animal?
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Considering Nike, Reebok, Converse and Adidas, the answer is: Reebok. The grey rhebok is a type of antelope native to southern Africa. In 1958, the shoe company Reebok was founded in England by a pair of brothers. They named the company after the animal, due to a favorite childhood book from South Africa.


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👠 What is the shoe company nike named after?

The Greek goddess of victory, Nike (pronounced knee-kay) the Greek god of victory i agree

👠 What sneaker company is named after an antelope?

They decided that the rhebok, a speedy African antelope, was the perfect inspiration for their company. Wait, then why is the company's name spelled "Reebok" instead of the correct "Rhebok?" The dictionary young Joe Foster won was a South African edition, so it had the Afrikaans spelling rather than the English one.

👠 Who was the first tennis shoe named after?

The Name Tennis

The rubber soles shoe, commonly referred to as the tennis shoe, was named by the British Navy. The British fleet sailors needed shoes that did not slip or slide on the wet surfaces to wear on the deck. This was in the 1800s.

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