When do you get to create your own signature shoe for my player nba 2k12?

Junius Ruecker asked a question: When do you get to create your own signature shoe for my player nba 2k12?
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👠 When do you get to create your own shoe for my player in nba 2k12?

When Jordan signs you to the brand. Then, I have seen people say you must win championships and go the playoffs. I think it's just that you have to do very well after he signs you.

👠 How do you get the signature shoe on nba 2k12 my player mode?

You have to keep your buzz high.( on my career) Donate money to all those different foundations. And the team dinner. I got mine by doing this. (also play good).

👠 Why cant you create your own signature jordan shoe in nba 2k12 and it will not let me view the endorsement?

If it wont let you then you cant create your own jordan shoe.

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the reaching point of halfway your 2nd season

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When does zion williamson's first signature shoe come out?
  • On May 5, the “ZNA” colorway will be released. The “Noah” and “Marion” colorways are scheduled to be released May 19 and May 26, respectively. FIRST LOOK: The Jordan Zion 1, the first signature shoe for Zion Williamson.
How do you create your own shoe?
  • How to Make Your Own Shoes. Put a light coating of shoe cement on the bottom of the sole lining. This will make the padding secure. Let the cement dry. Similarly, apply shoe cement to the sole. Attach the sole to the bottom of the upper fabric and insides of the heel. Again, allow the cement to dry. Place the 'heel tip' on the heel bottom,...
Who was the first nba player to create a shoe?

Shaq Diesel

Whose signature shoe is the foamposite?

Originally released in 1997, Nike Basketball debuted its Foamposite technology in the form of two models — the Nike Air Foamposite One and Air Foamposite Pro. Penny Hardaway debuted the One in the only original colorway to release, which also featured his 1CENT logo.

How to create your own custom shoe design?
  • Customize Your Shoe Now! Turn This... Customize Your Shoe Now! Or if you are an artist, athlete, or any other type of influencer with fans... Simply Share and Get Paid. SIMPLY SHARE AND GET PAID: With your input, we create a custom shoe design that your fans will love.
Where online can you create your own shoe?


Can i edit my signature shoe 2k18?
  • In NBA 2K20, ballers and hoopers can edit custom shoes for their MyPLAYER to wear online. It is easy to create and customize your own MyPLAYER shoe, but it does come at a cost. Watch why can t i wear my signature shoes in 2k18 Video
Does blake griffin have a signature shoe?

Yes, his signature shoes are hyper dunks.

Does john wall have a signature shoe?

Adidas Unveils the 'J Wall 1,' John Wall's 1st Signature Shoe with the Brand. Adidas and John Wall have teamed up to create the Washington Wizards star's first signature shoe with the brand.

What is damian lillard's first signature shoe?
  • He was heavily affiliated with the Crazylight Boost and that led way to his first signature shoe. Damian Lillard has proven his toughness and has shown it night in and night out. adidas has rewarded Lillard with his very first signature sneaker, the D Lillard 1.
What is kyrie irving's first signature shoe?
  • NEW YORK -- Nike unveiled the Kyrie 1, its first signature shoe for Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving, on Wednesday night. "It's great to have the support of Nike and the guys who came before me, like Kobe [Bryant] and LeBron [James] ," Irving said.
What is lebron james' latest signature shoe?
  • The “Empire Jade” Nike LeBron 18 drops in the Greater China region on September 21. Thoughts on @kingjames ’ latest signature shoe? Among the other NBA stars who have their own signature design is LeBron's former teammate, Kyrie Irving, who also has a deal with Nike.
What is the best signature shoe name?

I think the best signature shoe names are monsters fly and your last name and air and your last name.

Which nba players have signature shoe deals?
  • Rivals of Golden State Warriors, LA Clippers, also have 2 stars with signature shoe deals in Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. The shooting guard has only just recently released his PG5 shoe with Nike, while Leonard is the sole NBA client with New Balance. Paul George debuts the Nike PG 5. Set to release January 21st.
Will jimmy butler get a signature shoe?

Heat's Jimmy Butler Agrees to 'Significant' Multiyear Shoe Contract with Li-Ning. Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler has agreed to a "significant" multiyear signature shoe contract with Li-Ning, according to ESPN's Nick DePaula.

Will russell westbrook get a signature shoe?
  • Westbrook will get not one, but two signature shoes On his previous five-year deal signed in 2013, Westbrook got a number of player exclusives through Jordan Brand from the original Jordan series as well as sneakers outside of it.
How to create your own shoe line's business plan?
  • this is so that you are able to identify your potential customers and target market.
  • ...
  • Write Business Plan…
  • Register Your Brand Name…
Do you get the option to make your own colorway and signature shoe?
  • Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. At what point in MyCareer do you get the option to make your own colorway and signature shoe?
Can you wear signature shoe in nba 2k20?
  • I think you can wear the signature shoe, but not the custom colorway shoe?... Custom colorway is the 4th or 5th shoe endorsement upgrade. You unlock it immediately to use both on and off the court. PC | PS4 | Vita | PS3 | PSP | PS2 | PS1 | NS | Wii U | 3DS | Wii | DS | GCN + GBP | GBA | GBC | SNES | GB | NES | 360 | Xbox One
How many nba players have a signature shoe?
  • At the start of the 2020-21 NBA season, there were 16 players who had their very own signature shoe and throughout the first month of action, multiple stars have released new versions of their line.
What is the signature shoe of nike basketball?
  • Take a look at the illustrated chronology of what's widely known as the signature shoe of Nike Basketball. Nike's NXT develops Flywire in the early 2000s. One of its founding inspirations: the cables from suspension bridges
What makes an air jordan a signature shoe?
  • One of the key elements of signature shoes, and part of what makes them “signature” is the chance to include personal details and storytelling about the athlete into the shoe itself. Sometimes these elements are told through direct inspiration, like incorporating Michael Jordan’s Ferrari into the design language of the Air Jordan 14.
Which nba players have signature shoe sizes & height?
  • Some Other Players Shoes Sizes Player Names Shoe Size & Height Signature Shoes 1. Shaquille O’Neal 7’1’’, 22 Check Here 2. Bob Lanier 6’11’’, 22 Check Here 3. Yao Ming 7’6’’, 18 Check Here 4. Kevin Durant 6’10’’, 18 Check Here 5 more rows ...
How do you get signature shoe in nba 2k14?

After you win MVP